KPGZ 102.7FM Radio Station

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Member KPGZ 102.7FM Radio Station
455 S. Sam Barr Drive  # 209
Kearney, MO 64060
Phone (816) 826-1111
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Member Since 12/11/2016
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102.7 FM is Kearney, Missouri's voice for the community. We are a committed LOCAL advocate for business, education and sports right here in Kearney. We encourage you to come grow together with us! We broadcast from the KCCoyote Studios in the First Missouri Bank Building. Our programming focus is on Kearney residents and businesses. Enjoy exclusive radio shows, news, weather, sports coverage and a forum for business and civic organizations right here on 102.7FM, Kearney's hometown radio stati... Read More

KPGZ 102.7FM Radio Station
455 S. Sam Barr Drive, # 209

Kearney, MO 64060